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Lynne is a professional, tertiary qualified coach, who helps bring clarity, purpose and action to your life. Whether it’s working to find ways to prioritise the things you love most, but seem to have no time for, or taking the next career step, Lynne is able to help clients gain new perspectives and plan a realistic path to meet their desired objectives.


Having spent significant periods working as a senior manager in human relations, Lynne has an impressive understanding of people and organisational dynamics. As a mediator and conflict coach, with additional studies in neuro-science for resolving conflict, Lynne brings a wealth of understanding around why we behave the way we do, whether it’s due to self-doubt, indecision or entrenched thinking patterns.  Lynne is skilled at helping people see alternative paths for coping with change.


Building a trustful relationship is the key to finding a ‘good’ coach. This sets Lynne apart – she’s warm, empathetic and down to earth. Lynne’s respectful approach to people has generated an incredibly strong client base.  A recurring theme from Lynne’s clients is her ability to help build confidence.  Outside work, Lynne is a committed volunteer and help-mate to many in the community. She’s passionate about helping people reach their potential.


Coaching For Change is a Melbourne based company specialising in assisting individuals to achieve their professional goals and corporate clients to recruit and retain the people best suited to meet their organisation’s objectives.

Coaching is a great opportunity to make your life and work as fulfilling as possible.


Lynne holds a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching and a

Cert IV in Training.

Qualifications & Experience

Lynne holds a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching and a Cert IV in Training.

Lynne’s expertise in training spans areas including resilience, communication, managing conflict, relationship building, putting workplace values into practice, resume writing and preparing for interviews, as well as managing performance and developing strategies to increase diversity in the workplace.


Lynne’s additional experience in developing social justice programs has added to her depth of understanding about people and the impediments that can act as blockers to fulfilling careers and lives.  She has coached budding CEOs, small business owners, managers and employees, as well as people looking to (re) enter the workforce, or change the direction of their careers and lives. 


Trained as a mediator with expertise in other conflict management techniques, Lynne is extremely capable in discerning where competing issues lie and helping her clients find ways to overcome perceived problems.


Lynne is a polished public speaker and thoroughly enjoys facilitating discussions with her training and coaching clients. She uses a strengths-based approach to help clients identify what’s feasible and how to formulate the specific steps that will help them reach their goals.

Lynne’s perspective about how to win a sustainable role, is second to none.  She is pragmatic, helpful and insightful from resume writing through to successful interview techniques. 


Lynne’s training qualifications and depth of experience are first class. Her empathetic approach comes to the fore as she guides people to develop knowledge and skills applicable to the real-world.  She’s able to wind back her knowledge and understanding to that of her trainees to facilitate quite profound learning outcomes.  People are often amazed by Lynne’s capacity to pinpoint key issues and break them into manageable learning chunks in a sequential and coherent process.


Clients who are looking for career changes or just starting out in the employment arena, are able to enjoy the benefit of using the Harrison Assessments – a preference based assessment tool to really nail down what will be a great fit for them.


A particular focus of Lynne’s is working with Aboriginal people, having managed the entry of Aboriginal graduates into ongoing government roles.  Lynne is culturally sensitive and always mindful of unspoken experiences.


We use Harrison Assessments in our coaching practice to strengthen evidence and heighten awareness and learning. 


Give Lynne a call or email her to discuss how she can work with you as a coach or trainer.


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