Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for coaching?

Anyone can benefit from coaching. Lynne coaches people from 18 years of age on. It’s never too late to want to do something differently.

What if I want a change, but not sure what it is?

Coaching can help elicit where you’d like to shift and then tackle how you might progress.

What can coaching be useful for?

Coaching can be extremely helpful in and outside work situations. You might want to have more hobbies, enjoy greater relaxation periods, develop strategies for improving your communication skills, change your job or embark on a new career direction.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is based on partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximise personal and professional potential. Coaching focuses on visioning, success, the present and moving toward the future. Therapy is about studying mental health issues through analysing emotions and the past to understand the present.

If I have a mental health issue, will coaching help me?

Coaching is not a therapy, nor a way to address mental health issues. Mental health practitioners are the best people trained and qualified to assist.

Do I have to be working in an organisation to be coached?

Coaching is equally applicable whether you work in an organisation or not. Lynne has clients who arrange coaching directly, as well as those who make contact through their employer.

What happens during coaching to make sure I stay on track?

Lynne sets up a mid-point review for you to assess how you’re going. This is a valuable way of ensuring that you’re making progress and meeting milestones. It’s also an opportunity to re-direct your focus if you feel that would be beneficial.

What will I get at the end of coaching?

At the end of the coaching program, Lynne discusses the milestones of your progress with you and writes you a short summary of the outcomes that you’ve reached. You get to discuss what your next steps might be just to help you stay on track.

How long does coaching last?

The number of coaching sessions is completely up to you. Generally several sessions are really useful as in between sessions, Lynne asks you to work further on the plans that you’ve made. It’s a great way of keeping yourself on track.

Does anyone else other than the coach and the client find out what’s discussed?

No. Coaching is completely confidential and coaches never provide information to other people without your consent. In circumstances where your manager is 'sponsoring' the coaching program, your consent will be sought prior to the release of any information.

Is there a coaching safety net?

Yes there is. Lynne is a member of the International Coaching Federation and is bound by a strict Code of Ethics[1].


How does coaching actually start?

Once you contact Lynne, she will arrange to meet with you. There’s no charge for the initial meeting as you and Lynne work out what might be the most useful way forward. Lynne follows up with a written proposal and once you’re happy, the first session takes place.

When do I have to pay?

Sessions can be paid in advance or as you go. Lynne includes her cancellation policy and fees in her individualised written proposals.

What’s the cost?

Lynne discusses her fees with you at the outset. Can you afford not to be coached?

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