“Lynne's talent in coaching people is to find and build upon their strengths and to recognise and develop skills gaps.  Lynne is an agent of change with a history of taking on big challenges and delivering "firsts" including developing a pathway for Aboriginal tertiary students to compete for the Graduate scheme into the Victorian Public Service.

She initiated the network of conflict coaches to address failing team member relationships in the workplace.

Lynne brings a sincere, caring and knowledgeable approach to helping others realise their goals and has helped me to prioritise my health and professional goals.”



"Being an immigrant, I consider myself very lucky to have been nominated to be under Lynne’s guidance to improve my communication skills. 

Throughout my journey in establishing myself in this unknown country, Lynne has helped me immensely to develop ways to deal with situations using my own knowledge and self-awareness. Lynne has provided me with an invaluable amount of opportunity, exposure, and increased knowledge on how to situate myself both in my career, as well as in my personal life.

I always look forward to my coaching conversations with Lynne as she’s able to empathise and distill what she has heard into valuable insight. Every time I finish a conversation with her, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my mind and heart. I find it very helpful to have someone to talk to on the outside, for both the perspective and encouragement.

I am truly blessed to have worked with Lynne as a coach and mentor for her wisdom and graciousness.”



“I had come to a point in my career where I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I knew I was dissatisfied with my job, but I found myself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the way forward.

I worked with Lynne to cut through to the crux of the issues I was facing at work, reflect upon my strengths and better understand where I wanted to go career-wise. I came away from each session with new insights about myself and an increased ability to describe my skills and experiences. Looking back, I’ve found it so helpful to speak to an impartial and supportive person about my career goals and challenges.

Lynne allowed me to drive the sessions and define what I wanted to achieve, while keeping us outcomes focused and ensuring we were working towards achievable goals. She also provided me with advice to strengthen my resume and cover letter, as well as assistance to prepare for a subsequent job interview.

Through coaching I feel I’ve grown in a personal and professional sense.  It is clear that Lynne has detailed understanding of HR and recruitment processes – this, coupled with an approachable and empathetic nature- made working together an absolute pleasure. It may sound overwrought, but this journey and investment in myself has been invaluable. Thank you, Lynne!”



“What a gem! Lynne’s coaching has given me the tools and confidence to change my lifestyle for the better.

With understanding and humour, Lynne instills techniques and profound concepts that inspired me to grab hold of my future and move forward to live a life full of happiness and fulfillment.”



“I found myself in my mid-thirties and fatigued by my career development not being taken seriously. It was time for a change. But I felt overwhelmed by the different options, was fearful of making a "mistake" and plagued by self-doubt. The best career development decision I made was to engage Lynne Witynski as my career coach.

Lynne took me on a journey of self-discovery. During our sessions, Lynne engaged me in deep, thought-provoking conversations and also armed me with insightful homework activities. Our regular coaching sessions paved the way for me to achieve greater clarity of my skills and abilities. I also established a clear vision of my workplace culture and employment preferences. These coaching outcomes have proved to be crucial additions to my career fulfillment toolkit.

Recently, I have made substantial changes in my personal and work life and, I couldn't be happier for it! I have no hesitation in recommending Lynne as a career coach to my colleagues and friends."



“Lynne has the ability to quickly connect and listen deeply. She is able to perceive what’s really going on in your life. Lynne helped pull me out of a few dark places by helping me gain insights and knowledge. One of the best things about Lynne is her prowess at helping you get things into perspective.

Lynne has the innate ability to relate to people from just about any walk of life. I can’t thank her enough.”



"I first met Lynne Witynski in 2013 during the lead up to applying and interviewing for a year-long merit-based graduate recruitment program. I recall it being a relatively intense application experience and, despite my feelings of anxiety, being motivated by Lynne's persistent but balanced encouragement, follow up calls and emails. This was the first time I got a taste of Lynne's very genuine investment in my success. I was accepted into the program.

Over the course of that year, through the arrangement of social networking events and professional development opportunities, I got to know Lynne and got a sense of her approach to mentoring and facilitating growth in others. I found her warm, funny, respectful and attentive - but most importantly, willing to show her humanity. In a sometimes daunting world of ambition and competition, it's refreshing to have someone in your corner who is not only very experienced, organised, articulate and accomplished, but who reminds you that humility, a good work ethic and a healthy sense of self-belief will often get you to the next level in life.

When a planned mentoring arrangement fell through for me, I was fortunate to have Lynne generously offer to coach me. I didn't know what to expect from coaching, but I grabbed the opportunity, instinctively knowing it would be valuable - and it has been. Through a holistic and flexible program, the next leg of my journey with Lynne began with a somewhat formal arrangement of meetings where we slowly unpacked my goals so I could get a sense of what I needed to do to have a rewarding career.

In addition to an emphasis on the importance of EQ in the workplace, Lynne offered practical tools and insights for managing my career development. Whether it be pitching a project proposal, preparing for an interview or dealing with a toxic workplace culture, Lynne provided balanced guidance and a grounded, common sense approach. She helped me to set goals, prioritise, get organised, identify barriers, and find practical ways to overcome them to achieve whatever I was striving towards.

Lynne has shown me that successful career development is about having a mix of the right attitude, useful tools and routines and access to healthy perspectives. It's about being willing to reflect, be honest with yourself, to take constructive feedback and to implement change. Lynne not only sets an example of professionalism to strive for, but helps you to see the best version of yourself.

Lynne is an exceptional coach and mentor.



"I learnt so much! [from the Harrison Assessment] And not only that, I reflected on those learnings – my strengths/preferences, as well as my areas I’d like to strengthen …

In terms of impact on me as a manager,  I gained much better insight into how I can react under certain circumstances, and have learnt to pause before reacting and thinking more strategically about my responses. I have gained a deeper understanding of how critical empathy and compassion are and have been to my leadership style. I have also become more ‘curious’ and try to elicit from others what or how they think they should/could approach a situation or seek an answer. 

It was such a delight working with Lynne! Very relaxed, non-judgemental and not afraid to challenge my thinking (although very gently)! I wish that I had a lot more sessions!”

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