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Why coaching?

Looking for inspiration and some internal ‘oomph’ to get you going?  Coaching is great for just about any change you’d like to make in your life in areas such as:

  • employment - starting out, considering a new job or change of career direction, re-entering the workforce, or transitioning to retirement

  • making a lasting commitment to a fulfilling work-life balance

  • returning to study

  • responding differently to challenges

  • becoming more socially adept and understanding the difference between perception and reality.

You can have a massage that leaves you feeling good for a day.

Coaching has the potential to help you feel satisfied for the rest of your life.


Her prowess in building trust by being genuine and caring is outstanding.

What is coaching?

Coaching is all about bringing out ideas and thoughts to the surface. It is a complete and absolute focus on the person who wants to shift something in their life. Coaching is a fulfilling experience that enables you to see what is really at stake.  It’s totally confidential, non-judgmental and is completely focused on you.


Coaching is the opposite of advice giving – the coach listens to what’s being said (and not said) and asks questions to uncover what may be hard to see, or clouded by what Lynne refers to as ‘the merry go-round-of (internal) conflict’ where so many options cause angst and indecision. Coaching is a marvellous opportunity to uncover what each option is likely to deliver. 


The purpose and process of coaching is about eliciting a client's hopes and objectives, as well as challenging old perspectives to acquire insights about what really matters and what will work. Coaching achieves this by identifying the real nub of the issue through insightful questioning.  It builds on positive past experiences successes to map a plan for the future.  


Lynne’s skill in drawing out what’s important, her warmth and sense of humour helps people develop insights about what they might really need to do.  Her prowess in building trust by being genuine and caring is outstanding.


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